LP here. Life is awesome! After coming from 18 years in the "corporate"

environment I threw the towel in and walked away in 2004. It REALLY taught

me nothing more than to make sure I find what I love doing and find a way

to do it all the time. I find that collaborating with others that have the same

desire as myself to reach the top of the game is most gratifying to me.

Shooting professional musicians is what I do. I've been an artist all of my

life and being a musician myself it was only natural that I ended up right

here doing what I do. I've managed to combine the two life-long passions

that have been with me since childhood. Working with many of these

national act musicians is just the icing on the cake for me. Although I take

this very seriously, this isn't what I consider to be a job.

For those of you just looking...enjoy my work and feel free to drop me a note.

If you're here to inquire about having me work together with you to create

your imagery.......let's rock!